HORI 151v
Liquid compressor for hazardous chemicals

Pressure up to 3 bar Vacuum up to 95%

HORI 151v compressor  

Compressor + Vacuum

The HORI 151v uses technology similar to a piston compressor but is absolutely oil free. It has been designed specifically for the European general purpose liquid markets as a superb advance over Rotary Vane compressors. This next generation product incorporates the original Japanese technology with advanced features allowing it to operate up to 3,0 bar pressure and 95% vacuum in a compact new design. It can be driven in any direction which takes away the risk of any wrong rotation.

Suitable for: liquid foodstuff, solvents, acids, alkalis, hot bitumen resins and other chemicals

Use for loading liquids with high vacuum and then unloading with high pressure.

  • No carbon vanes
  • 2,5 bar continuous
  • Vacuum up 95% (- 0,95 bar)
  • 2,8 bar Relief Valve
  • 70 m³/h to 200m³/h
  • Oil free
  • Very Low Noise
  • Low Power
  • Maintenance almost zero
  • Bi- Rotational
  • Direct PTO Drive
  • Low input speed
  • 600 rpm to 1000 rpm
  • High vacuum
  • Standard 3 year Warranty
  • 94 kg inc. Accessories
  • Low Cost
  • Bearing Life 20 years +
HORI 151v compressor - dimensions

Description Unit Details
Flow at inlet m³/h min. 70 max. 200
Input speed rpm min. 600 max. 1000
Working Pressure bar (g) 2,5 bar. relief valve 2,8 bar
Vacuum bar (g) Continuous -0,95 bar (95%)
Power consumption (2,0 bar) kW 8 max.
Power consumption (2,5 bar) kW 9,5 max.
Dimensions mm 232 x 428 x 498
Weight inc. accessories kg 94

  Benefits   Advantages
Oil free Very Low noise
2,5 bar continuous Low power
2,8 bar relief valve – 3,0 bar available Low weight
-0,95 bar vacuum available Unique continuous high vacuum
Oil change 1 time per year (common motor oil) Low maintenance
No other maintenance Low bearing rpm
Standard 3 year guarantee Low rotor rpm
No carbon vanes Low input rpm
Bi – rotation input drive Low fuel consumption
Long bearing life (20 years +) Low cost
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