HORI 602
For direct PTO drive side mount

HORI 602 compressor

The HORI 602 uses technology similar to a piston compressor but is absolutely oil free. It has been designed specifically for the European markets and is more compact than previous models. This next generation product incorporates the original Japanese technology with advanced features allowing it to operate up to 3,0 bar pressure in a compact new design. It can be driven in any direction which takes away the risk of any wrong rotation.

Suitable for:

Cement, Flour, Calcium Carbonate, Fly Ash, Bentonite, Hydrated Lime etc.
  • 2,5 bar continuous
  • 2,8 bar Relief Valve
  • 250m3/h to 700m3/h
  • Oil free
  • Low Noise
  • Low Power cost saving
  • Maintenance almost zero
  • Bi- Rotational
  • Direct PTO Drive
  • 700 rpm to 1300 rpm
  • Standard 3 year Warranty
  • 165 kg inc. Accessories
  • Low Cost
  • Bearing Life 20 years +
HORI 602 compressor - dimensions
Typical cement discharge 1200 rpm approx 550 m³/h – 21kW = 1 ton/min

Description Unit Details
Flow at inlet (2,0 bar) m³/h min. 250 max. 600
Input speed rpm min. 700 max. 1300
Working Pressure bar (g) max. 2,5 bar
Power consumption (2,0 bar) kW 21 max.
Power consumption (2,5 bar) kW 26 max.
Dimensions mm 288 x 650 x 648
Weight inc. accessories kg 165

  Benefits   Advantages
Oil free Low noise
2,5 bar continuous Low power
2,8 bar relief valve Low weight
Oil change 1 time per year (common motor oil) Low maintenance
No other maintenance Low bearing rpm
Standard 3 year guarantee Low rotor rpm
Easy installation Low input rpm
Bi – rotation input drive Low fuel consumption
Long bearing life (20 years +) Low cost
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