The best Silopak on the market

HORI Electropak

The HORI 602 ELECTROPAK is a high quality low cost Electric Motor drive power pack. It has been specifically designed for mounting on semi – trailers. It has compact dimensions and low weight. Can be driven in any direction so reverse polarity of electrical supply is no problem. The small dimensions make it easy to install on a semi-trailer. The standard unit is perfect for dry bulk cement discharge.

The strong design is suitable for operations from Africa to Siberia in hot climates and also sub-zero temperatures.

Suitable for:

Cement, Flour, Calcium Carbonate, Fly Ash, Hydrated Lime etc.
  • Oil free
  • 2,0 bar (more if required)
  • 550 m³/h
  • Maintenance almost zero
  • Low Noise
  • Bi- Rotational
  • Standard 3 year Warranty
  • 350 kg inc. Accessories
  • Low Cost
  • Low Power 22kW max
HORI Electropak - dimensions

Description Unit Details
Flow at inlet (2,0 bar) m³/h 550
Motor rpm 1460
Working Pressure bar (g) max. 2,5 bar
Power consumption (2,0 bar) kW 22 max.
Voltage 380 - 400volts 3 phase
Dimensions mm 700 x 1100
Weight inc. accessories kg 350

  Benefits   Advantages
Oil free Low noise
2,0 bar (more if requested) Low power
Bi – rotation any polarity Low weight
Oil change 1 time per year (common motor oil) Low maintenance
No other maintenance Low bearing rpm
Standard 3 year guarantee Low rotor rpm
Long bearing life Low cost
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